Uva Farmer's Collective on Poison Free Agriculture (UFCPFA)


Project name:

Uva Farmer's Collective on Poison Free Agriculture (UFCPFA)
Project area: Badulla and Moneragala districts in Uva Province
Beneficiaries: 520 Farmers
Funded by: Bread for the World (BftW) Germany
Project duration and status: 2011-2013 (On going)
Partner Organizations: 13
Field Officers: 2 Field Officers and 13 Mobilizers
Project objective: Empowering the target population to overcome poverty and achieve food sovereignty through a process of recovering the regenerative capacity of nature
Specify objectives:
Availability of 520 organic home gardens with the usage of compost, Shade development in the garden, live fencing.
Liquid fertilizer and soil and water conservation techniques.
13 water catchment concern.
Members of 520 families are knowledgeable of organic cultivation methods, usage and production of alternative fertilizer and pesticides, soil and water conservation methods etc.

Project Activities and Outputs

Activities Outputs (as at October 2012)
Established 520 ecological / Nutritional organic home gardens 520 farmers consume chemical free food crops.
13 no of training on traditional paddy cultivation. 120 Trained farmers engaged in traditional paddy cultivation.

Training on seed conservation

- 13 programmes conducted

520 Trained farmers engaged in seed conservation.

1 programme on "Felicitation of Best Farmers" 65 farmers recognised and awarded.
Exhibition and awareness of globalization in school -
- School training programme held
- Awareness of globalization together with MONLAR held
Awareness of globalization in 13 schools students.

Establish and provide equipment for mini seed banks

- School children has been trained on ecological agriculture

520 mini seeds banks.


13 home gardens established in 13 schools.

Water catchment conservation and maintenance 100 drinking water wells catchments conserved.
13 water catchments conserved.
Policy advocacy programmes
- 03 policy advocacy programmes conducted
Policy makers are influenced on the importance of ecological agriculture.

Lessons learned:

Farmers are happy to consume healthy and tasty food crops.
Farmers are convinced about the importance of ecological agriculture.


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  Last updated: January, 2013