Biodiversity based Income Generation Forest Gardens Programme


Project name:

Biodiversity based income generation forest gardens programme
Project area: Badulla and Moneragala districts in Uva Province
Beneficiaries: 254 farmers
Funded by:

Development Fund (DF) Norway

Project duration and status: 2012-2014 (On going)
Staff: 2 Field officers
Project objective: Rehabilitate devastated land through increased biodiversity.
Specify objectives:
Increased soil fertility and maintained
Farmers followed Environment friendly farming methods
Conserved  water catchments
Steps taken to retain moisture level in the farm land
Conservation of catchments around the drinking water wells

Project Activities and Outputs

Activities Outputs
Training on farm planning, soil conservation and shade development 254 farm lands consist of 127 acres converted in to said farming system
Training on nature farming Organic fertilizer, liquid fertilizer making and application 254 farm lands practicing organic farming methods
Training on planting and pest control 254 farm lands planted plants as planed and used environment friendly methods for pest control
Provide plant material 254 farmers received and planted food crops, fruits, spices, medicinal plants

Lessons learned:

Farmers are convinced soil is enriched, plant diversity and income is increased with in 3 year period
Farmers are Convinced about the farming technology

Project Pictures

Before commencing the project activities   Sharing labour in soil conservation
Soil conservation measure   A garden after 1 year
A garden after 2 years   A happy family


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