Social Mobilization and Climate Smart Agriculture


Project name:

Social Mobilization and Climate Smart Agriculture
Project area: Badulla and Moneragala districts in Uva Province
Beneficiaries: Plantation community (1671 families)
Funded by:

Development Fund (DF) Norway

Project duration and status: 2011-2014 (On going)
Partners: 18 Community Based Organizations, 1 Plantation Forum 
Field Coordinators: 3
Project objective: The Income levels of the target families of FIOH working area increased and sustained.
Specify objectives:
• Increased savings and access to capital among the target groups.
• Improved access to nutritious food at house hold level. (Climate-Smart agriculture)
• CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) strengthened and enabled to engage in policy advocacy and environment conservation.
• Women are empowered and benefitted from the programme.

Project Activities and Outputs

Activities Outputs (as at October 2012)
Mobilizing community and formation and capacity building of ICOs (Integrated Community Organizations) Facilitated 18 ICOs and one forum and conducted capacity building programmes.
Vocational training on Tailoring Availability of 18 female trainees and gain employment.
Entrepreneur skill development training Conducted one entrepreneur training for 20 Income generation activity holders.
Training on animal husbandry Conducted 7 trainings for 70 farmers on the use of local medicines.
Establish bio diversity based income generation forest gardens 30 Farmers practicing the technology.
Construction / Repairing community meeting places Two centres in operation
Preschool infrastructure and human resource development 3 No of pre School teacher training conducted 18 Teachers participated.

Two preschools repaired and 2 Preschools received furniture.

Established organic home gardens 123 Organic home gardens established.
Health awareness programme on nutrition and water born disease for pregnant mothers 7 Health awareness programmes conducted on the subject of dengue fever nutrition.
Repairing existing pipe born water systems 5 Water systems renovated and used.
Toilet construction 42 toilets constructed and used.
Policy advocacy programmes - 01 policy advocacy programmes Established network for land issue in Plantation. Process is on going.

Lessons learned:

• Women’s are actively involving in the development and management of CBO.
• Saving habit improved.
• Alternative income sources generated.


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