Eco Agents Sri Lanka - Children Environment Education and Action Programme


Project name:

Eco agents Sri Lanka - Children environment education and action programme
Project area: Badulla and Moneragala districts in Uva Province
Beneficiaries: 540 Children and 18 Children's Clubs
Funded by:

Eco Agents Norway

Project duration and status: 2011-2013 (On Going)
Project objective: Educate children on environment and motivate them to be an active in environment conservation
Specify objectives:
Educate children on environment
Establish home gardens
Conservation of water catchments
Establish green library
Conduct research on plants, animal, fish and climatic zones

Project Activities and Outputs

Activities Outputs
Conduct awareness on environment, water cycle, climate change, plants, animals and climatic zones etc. All children are aware on the subjects
Conduct leadership camps Children mange their clubs affectively
Training on organic farming All children start organic plot
Facilitate environment excursion in important places in Sri Lanka 10 no of trips for 300 children
Establish and provide equipment, furniture, books for green library Established 15 green libraries
Water catchment conservation and maintenance 10 no of water catchment conserved
Organised cleaning camps in home surrounding 10 one day camps conducted

Lessons learned:

Children actively Participated in water catchment conservation .
  Children were interested in research and documentation activities

Project Pictures

Cleanup programme for environmental day   Planting a tree
During a field visit to Kandapola Nuwaraeliya   Environmental field training session
Children's environmental education programme   Eco Club members - "Eco Agents"
Painting competition on climate change   Eco Club members enjoying the environment


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